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The Elastic Generative AI Report

April 2024
Research parameters
US, UK, Australia, France, Germany, India, Japan, Netherlands, Singapore, Spain
No. of interviews:
Qualitative and quantitative
Respondent profile:
IT/Analytics/Data professionals


Elastic were looking to elevate their product “Elasticsearch” and generate data points which prove the benefit of Elastic leaning into Generative AI. The premise of the survey was simple: Search is critical infrastructure to operationalize Generative AI for real world scenarios. Their end goal was to twofold:

  • Create proof points which could be used externally with customers and prospects
  • Uncover real world scenarios to fuel engaging thought leadership and content for a variety of channels


In order to hit their two key objectives, we recommended a mixed methodology approach. By utilising quantitative and qualitative research, we could create proof points based on the quantitative data (3,200 interviews) and use the qualitative data (20 interviews) to bring the real world scenarios to life. This allowed us to maximise the impact of the project and have quotes to back up the quantitative data.


To spearhead this campaign, Elastic wanted to create a report which pulled together both the quantitative and qualitative research. Three data discussions were held with Elastic where the main themes and topics were discuss to help drive ideation for the final research report. The resulting report highlighted how transformative Generative AI will be for organizations and how the combination of search technology and generative AI is ultimately what will enable organizations to improve their data management capabilities.

Key findings

believe a conversational search experience would make their organizations more productive
“Productivity and therefore time saving is going to be significant.” - CIO, Retail, Australia
“It’ll save me some breathing room for more creative thought if my rote functions are taken care of by AI. So, my work week probably will become more sane, and therefore, I’ll have probably better thoughts, better judgment, and not be pressured by deadlines.” - CISO, IT and technology, US
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