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Quantitative research

Robust, representative data to drive your decision-making

Quantitative research provides high quality and robust data providing actionable insights for informed decision-making, empowering your business strategy with evidence-based results. Using surveys to reach higher volumes of respondents, we target IT and business personnel, from C-suite decision makers to those in technical or manual roles.

What are the benefits?

Clear cut answers
Asking closed questions reduces possible variabilities. Using single/multiple choice answers, or statements from a grid, allows responses to be categorised and analysed definitively
Robust and representative insights
Targeting large volumes across a variety of sectors, organization sizes and respondent profiles enables us to confidently report statistics and extract meaningful patterns
Combined with qual
While quantitative gives you robust data, qualitative methods offer rich insights - making a dual methodology the ideal solution to give you the best of both

How we help

1. End-to-end support

From questionnaire design to data delivery and analysis, we can support your quantitative research projects from beginning to end

2. Expertise

With decades of technology research experience, our consultants are experts in collaborating with you to build a programme that addresses your business needs

3. Beyond the research

We don’t stop at data delivery – we can support you with the design and creation of compelling content such as eBooks, whitepapers, webinars and animated videos

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