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Event speaking

Share insights, provoke discussion, build engagement

In B2B tech, events are a powerful way to share insights and spark customer conversations. From augmenting keynote addresses, to delivering winning webinars, research findings can be harnessed in multiple ways. We have extensive experience in supporting our clients with their event programmes around the world – both in person and over video.

What are the benefits?

Blending your product messaging with independent, bespoke research insights helps to validate and position your solution in the minds of your customers
Bring the research to life
Discussing the narrative on a webinar or at an in-person event adds an additional layer to research, sparking thought and discussion among the audience
Expand your research reach
Hosting a webinar or in-person event can help grow the reach of your research – helping deliver both brand-building thought leadership and demand generation momentum

How we help

1. Content development

We’re experts in presenting data insights, through engaging copy and content – all designed and created collaboratively

2. Research expertise

Our research expertise combined with your product and subject matter knowledge, makes for an engaging combination when addressing your audience

3. Independent voice

With over 20 years’ experience in B2B tech market research, we’re well-known in the industry for robust, representative, impartial insights

Some of the clients we work with

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