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What we do

Message testing

Perfect your positioning
and maximise impact

Well-crafted marketing messages boost audience engagement and strengthen your brand positioning, helping your company to stand apart for all the right reasons.

We use best practice primary techniques to determine how strongly your proposed marketing messages resonate with your target audience and identify optimisation areas to maximise impact.

What are the benefits?

Refine your messaging through understanding the impact that key elements have on audience appeal
Pre-test your messaging concepts prior to launch to determine which will have maximum impact on your target audience
Keep your messaging “on brand” and consistent withall other elements of your marketing activities

How we help

1. Best practice

We have taken best practice messaging research methodologies and refined them to better reflect the needs of B2B companies.

2. Responsive

We understand that the creative process needs to flow. Our standardised approach delivers insightful results in 2 weeks.

3. Consultative

We bring our expertise to bear and make recommendations based both on the research findings and on our appreciation of your messaging objectives.

Insights that guide your decisions

Our expert analysis pinpoints and examines core components of your messaging - breaking them down in order to build the strongest comms you can.
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