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What we do

Qualitative research

Conversations that uncover
the why behind the what

The deep insights gained from real-life conversations can help shape your strategic thinking and add colour to your marketing campaigns and content. It uncovers topics and themes that may not be identified through quantitative methods alone, making a dual methodology the ideal solution to give you the best of both.

What are the benefits?

Qual can uncover insights that may have been otherwise unknown by probing further into audience beliefs, attitudes and usage
Added context
Combined with quant methods, qual can help add colour to quantitative findings or identify further hypotheses to test
Depth and authority
Verbatim quotes informing and embedded in content, add an extra layer of insight and authority to findings

How we help

1. Trusted advisor

We advise on which qualitative method would work best in line with your objectives – whether that be 1:1 in-depth interviews, focus groups or discussion boards

2. Tech expertise

Our sector knowledge allows us to steer compelling conversations in line with your business and research objectives

3. MRS compliant

We ensure our conversations are unbiased so that we draw out the most natural and interesting insights for your research needs

Some of the clients we work with

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