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Iron Mountain

Capitalizing on Generative AI

January 2024
Research parameters
AI/Generative AI
US, UK, France, Germany, Australia, India
No. of interviews:
Respondent profile:
IT decision makers


Iron Mountain wanted to understand how generative AI is used and managed within organizations, and whether having a dedicated AI leader would be beneficial for organizations. Additionally it was important that the research was able to see how AI has changed and whether a unified asset strategy would help streamline the effectiveness and benefits of genAI.


Working together, Vanson Bourne and Iron Mountain created a short quantitative questionnaire to assess genAI and senior leadership responsibilities.


After a virtual presentation with Iron Mountain, and a visual report outlining key story lines emerging across markets and sectors, Vanson Bourne and Iron Mountain worked together on a whitepaper written report, and infographic – both of which were designed by the VB team in Iron Mountains branding. Following this, Vanson Bourne were on hand to stat check press releases which have been dispersed across major news platforms (pending the live links) and social media platforms like LinkedIn.

Key findings

believe a CAIO can accelerate the adoption of genAI within organizations
agree that a unified asset strategy is critical to the success of genAI use cases
feel a CAIO can help achieve a unified asset strategy
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