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New research projects - May 2018

By El Cook |
New research projects - May 2018

We run lots of different types of research, and they often fall into two main categories: bespoke research projects and enterprise technology omnibus. We’ve got brand new releases based on both services this month. Let’s take a look.

Flyt - Technology Integration Research

Flyt provide a platform that allows us to make payments to various retailers and eateries, and they wanted to see how organisations are working to future-proof their business to meet customer demands for different payment options. We interviewed 100 IT decision makers from relevant sectors to find out.

More than half of respondents feel that their organisations is under increasing levels of pressure to deliver new payment solutions to their customers, but many face barriers to integrating technologies – 67% say they do not have the right resources to do this successfully.

CA Veracode – Developers Research

In February this year, we interviewed 400 application developers from the US, UK, and Germany to understand the maturity of organisations’ component security. And we found that only 52% of developers using commercial or open source components in their applications update those components when a new security vulnerability is announced – oh dear!

iBoss - The 2018 Enterprise Cloud Trends Report

When will using cloud computing be like walking on a cloud? A while from now, that's for sure.

64% of IT decision makers we talked to for iBoss think that SaaS adoption is outpacing their cybersecurity capabilities. And 91% of IT decision makers agree they need to update security policies to operate in a cloud-first environment.

iBoss has created a whole load of content from this piece of research – a whitepaper, infographic, survey report, blog post, and full report!

Mimecast – Email Security Risk Assessment

This is the second year running that Mimecast has asked us to conduct research for them for this particular report – what better way to become a thought leader than repeating research to track changes in organisation’s behaviour over time?

When it comes to email security, things aren’t easier now compared to last year. Nearly 60% of respondents say their organisation is likely to suffer a negative business impact because of an email-borne attack in 2018!

Veridium - Authentication Research

Are biometrics the future of authentication? We spoke to 200 senior IT decision makers in the US, and 63% of them whose organisation has experienced a data breach are implementing or planning to implement biometric authentication to prevent another attack. Organisations see many business benefits and drivers for using biometrics, too.

Can you guess the current percentage of employees storing passwords in a web browser or password manager? It’s shocking! Check out Veridium’s infographic to find out more about the findings.

Omnibus projects

These are really exciting because they’re such a good way to get quick and extremely valuable insight! Our clients do some really clever things with omnibus data, proving that a little can go a really long way.

BAE Systems asked us to run some questions on money laundering and produced a great piece of content on the use of artificial intelligence in banks. We found that 74% of business customers think banks use machine learning and artificial intelligence to spot money laundering when in reality they rely on human investigators to manually sift through alerts!

SailPoint wanted to find out about password habits in time for world password day, so launched four questions on our monthly omnibus service. They released a fascinating article highlighting the key findings, and it got people talking. It even made Next Gov a little irked – their article based on the data is titled ‘It's 2018 And The World Still Sucks at Passwords’.

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