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What we do

Brand research

Understand your customers
and underpin strategy

Brand research is primarily used to measure customer awareness, perceptions, and experiences with a company, its marketing and its products and services.

Done properly, it delivers marketplace analysis that reveals the strengths and weaknesses in a firm’s positioning in a competitive context and provides actionable insight to support brand development and optimal go-to-market strategies.

What are the benefits?

Landscape understanding
Uncover the secrets of your brand’s market within a competitive context, highlighting challengers and new entrants
Deeper brand insights
From awareness to the extent of your brand’s appeal and reputation, as well as the associations – good and bad
Identifying opportunities
Expose your marketing reach gaps and stay ahead of the curve on what truly matters to your audience

How we help

1. B2B tech expertise

We operate solely in the B2B technology space and our research designs are founded on a detailed understanding of clients’ needs in this sector

2. Best practice

We have refined best practice brand research methodologies and analysis types to support our client’s research objectives

3. Actionable insights

We work in close consultation with you from beginning to end and beyond, to develop the insights you need

Insights that guide your decisions

Uncovering what your target audience really think, our bespoke brand analysis identifies areas of strength, weakness and opportunity.