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Bright Data

State of Public Web Data 2024

March 2024
Research parameters
Data management
US and UK
No. of interviews:
Respondent profile:
Senior data decision makers


Bright Data needed a campaign to establish themselves as leaders in data scraping, and wanted to create a public web data research report,  as the centrepiece of this campaign – The State of Public Web Data 2024. Having used Vanson Bourne previously for small, PR-focused surveys, Bright Data wanted to expand the subject of the survey in order for the report to be the primary source of information when it comes to how organisations use public web data


Vanson Bourne recommended a survey of 500 senior data decision makers (Director or above, in key functions), in organisations across a spread of sectors, to ensure Bright Data could drill down into the results at sector level, maximising the reach and use of the report. This quantitative data would be used to build the State of Public Web data 2024 report.

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We worked collaboratively with Bright Data to analyse the findings and build a compelling narrative. We also identified interesting data splits to help Bright Data write their report.

State of public web data 2024 

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Key findings

use public web data in their day-to-day operations
use public web data for price comparison and CI
wouldn’t be able to operate effectively without public web data
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