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Mind of the CISO – Part 1

June 2023
Research parameters
US, UK, France, Germany, Australia, India, Singapore, Middle East
No. of interviews:
Quantitative and qualitative
Respondent profile:
Chief Information Security Officers (CISOs)


Trellix were looking to conduct a two-part series to understand the mind of the CISO, including the challenges they face and their experience of managing a real-life breach.

The end goal was to create a collection of educational, demand generating, thought leadership collateral.


In order to really get into the mind of the CISO, we recommended a dual methodology approach (quantitative and qualitative).

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By utilising this approach, we could explore both the ‘what’ through quantitative stats and ‘why’ through qualitative in-depth interviews to build a solid view of the mind of the CISO, helping to showcase real-life, impactful scenarios. It allowed us to maximise the impact of the messaging and resonate with Trellix’s audience, with the real-life quotes adding emotion to the headline grabbing stats.

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For each campaign, we ran an insight discussion where we combined the quantitative and qualitative results together. From this discussion, we then created two eBooks for publication – the ‘hero’ asset which positioned Trellix as a thought leader in the category of XDR, and cybersecurity more broadly.

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Key findings

"You are a hero and held in high esteem and everything is hunky-dory until it’s not. So when there are no cyber incidents, it’s a job that’s well respected. But your head is on the chopping block the moment there’s a problem" - CISO, Financial Services, UK
"[A major incident] is absolute hell, as anybody will tell you, to go through that. It’s the pit in the stomach when you start to hear about it. It’s the whole roller coaster of maybe this is nothing and then it’s something.” - CISO, Healthcare, USA
of CISOs agree that ever-changing regulatory requirements make their jobs more difficult
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