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Dell Technologies

Intelligent Innovation

November 2022
Research parameters
US, Canada, Argentina, Mexico, Brazil, UK, France, Germany, Italy, UAE, South Africa, Australia, Japan, India, Singapore, South Korea, China
No. of interviews:
Qualitative and quantitative
Respondent profile:
IT decision makers


Dell wanted to create exciting and compelling content to support their vision for a new campaign: Intelligent innovation. Specifically, Dell wanted to further solidify their role as a trusted partner and advisor, delivering business and IT outcomes that support the Dell Technologies message. Every message from the study had to be grounded in empowerment.


In order to support Dell in this research endeavour, we recommended a mixed methodology approach which allowed us to gather ‘hard numbers’ around the business and IT outcomes through quantitative research (4,300 interviews). Then qualitative data based on 12 in-depth interviews was used to bring the numbers to life, grounded in real life stories.


Dell launched a microsite to host a variety content based on the research results. We supported Dell with this by creating 10 written reports (each with its own specific focus: global, regional, solution based or respondent type) and four solution based videos. Each asset clearly highlighted the story for that particular group, with videos providing another dimension to the research.

Key findings

of IT departments, on average, embrace innovation
“Intelligent innovation is data-driven and it takes insights-driven innovation… data gives you a lot of insights… You can do something which can save you $1, you can do something innovative, it can save you $1 million.” - CIO, Media and Entertainment/Tech, India
“Every company is competition. Therefore, we have to be more innovative and swift in the reaction” - CTO, Financial Services and Insurance, Germany
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