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Veritas Risk

January 2024
Research parameters
Cybersecurity, Ransomware
China, South Korea, France, DACH (Germany, Austria, Switzerland), UK, Australia, Japan, Singapore, UAE, Brazil, India, US, Nordics (Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Norway)
No. of interviews:
Respondent profile:
Executives and practitioners influencing the purchasing of technology for their organization


Veritas, a specialist in data storage management software, commissioned Vanson Bourne for this project to get an update of key data points around risk, first explored in 2022 with us. Additionally, the research stemmed from a need to evolve current understanding of risk into understanding ransomware, AI and other cyber threats.

Moreover, the importance within the 2023 study was to dive deeper into cyber attacks and the associated damage experienced by organizations by creating a ranking of risk. Additionally the client wanted to understand market and sector placing of risks of innovation, productivity and success.


Veritas and Vanson Bourne worked together to create a quantitative survey to 1660 respondents across 18 different markets. The questionnaire assesses market risk levels, identifies growing risks, and explores investment strategies for mitigating impacts.
In addition, Veritas wanted a deep dive by market, so Vanson Bourne designed the study to allow for in-depth analysis across markets with most markets – and some sectors – having stand alone written reports and infographics.


To summarize, the research highlighted that most organizations are facing growing concerns around data security emerging technologies like AI, and economic uncertainty. Consequently, we created written reports and/or infographics for each market on risk for Veritas.

Read the key findings here

These provide an overview of how markets differ with their estimation of threat levels, actual experience, and consequences of threats. In contrast, the sector executive summaries highlight specific industry-related risks and mitigation strategies. Following the success of the market reports, Vanson Bourne were subsequently commissioned to develop sector executive summaries and infographics from the research for content.

Access the full global report here

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Key findings

Top risks facing organizations are data security (46%), economic uncertainty (38%) and emerging technologies like AI (36%)
report actual damage from the risks they're facing (financial and reputational)
have experienced a successful ransomware attach in the last two years
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