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IT organisation

Digital asset stewardship

May 2023
Research parameters
Unified asset strategy
US, Canada, Brazil, Mexico, UK, Germany, France, China, Australia, Singapore, Malaysia
No. of interviews:
Respondent profile:
Those responsible for digital asset management


The client sought to gain a deeper understanding of digital transformation in organizations. Additionally, they wanted to learn about the assets organizations manage and the challenges involved. This would enable them to create a campaign which speaks directly to these challenges and provide a unique insight into how to help.

The research aimed to understand how their product concept resonated with their key audience, targeting multiple objectives—exploration, content creation, and concept evaluation.


25 qualitative interviews were organized and conducted with respondents responsible for asset management at their business, across 11 different markets. This approach marries together the need for topic exploration, collects data for content purposes and provides us with plenty of opinions on the important concepts being tested.

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We discovered that organizations manage a wide variety of assets, creating need for unified asset management. Moreover, there are various challenges in doing so, which the client addressed by creating specific content to guide buyers.

The client’s product concept was well received. However, we identified areas needing improvement in understanding and wording. Consequently, this allowed the client to refine the concept for better market reception. Additionally, we produced an eBook in collaboration with the client. The eBook outlines the narratives and served as the main content piece for a broader campaign on unified asset management.

Key findings

"The pandemic finally forced a lot of things to actually happen remotely. We were able to show that during the pandemic, you don’t have to physically be in the same building; you can have everything digitized to support the conversation.” HEAD OF SERVICES IN EUROPEAN OPERATIONS, INSURANCE, UK
"Because a lot of people are working remotely now and having to return to base following the pandemic…a lot of offices haven’t reopened up, but the [physical] records are still there… But now…they’re on about reducing estates because people probably won’t return. So when you go in, to start looking at reducing this estate, all of a sudden, you’re faced with: ‘Hold on, all these records, which, although they’re stored securely, we don’t need them here any more; where do they go?’ And the obvious answer is: archive them, but get them digitized first" INFRASTRUCTURE MANAGER, PUBLIC SECTOR, UK
"We try to make the processes as efficient as possible digitally... This has cost benefits because if you are efficient, you save money, but it also has sustainability benefits because if you become completely paperless, you will prevent paper being printed which will end up in the bin because nobody looks at it" HEAD OF IT, BANKING AND FINANCE, GERMANY
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