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State of Software Monetisation- Vanson Bourne

State of Software Monetisation

Project Information

Jan 2022

Number of interviews:

United States of America, United Kingdom, France, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Israel, China, Japan

Application development

Read the report here based on the views of enterprise IT decision makers, independent software vendors (ISVs) and intelligent device vendors (IDVs) worldwide


of respondents from ISVs and IDVs say their organisation currently offers their software as a service via the cloud (as a SaaS application)


of ISV and IDV respondents say that delivery of SaaS applications has increased in the last 12 months and this trend is set to continue as...


of ISV and IDV respondents expect SaaS delivery to increase in the next 12-24 months

Jess Gillingham

Research lead

Trevor Charles

Account Director

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