In their response to COVID-19, most organisations find themselves in one of four stages. Watch our final episode about stage four: Strategizers here

Enterprise technology omnibus

Quick, affordable research data

An easy way to get credible and independent news-ready data.

Designed to be simple, the enterprise technology omnibus asks questions to enterprise IT decision makers in four core markets. The service runs in the UK, France, Germany, and the US from the first working day of each month, and prices start from just £300 per question.

Developed for those who need a handful of data points, you can place as few or as many questions as you wish without any buy-in fee. Pay only for the research you need, even if it's only a single question.

Submit questions before the first of the month, get ready-to-use results in Excel data tables by the end of the same month. Simple.

Our research

Responses from IT decision makers in organisations with 1,000 or more employees

Guaranteed completions in your chosen markets (100 respondents in each of the UK, France, and Germany, and 200 in the US)

From just £300 per question, with no set-up fees

Results delivered in the same month in easy to use Excel data tables

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