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State of Enterprise IT 2017

Enterprise's approach to technology in general moves extremely quickly. What might be an industry standard at one moment can be quickly superseded by the demands of certain users or departments the next.

Heading into 2017, what are the demands placed on IT at the moment? Is it simply just ensuring that the latest technologies are being adequately explored and utilised, or is it a more fundamental rethink of who has control of IT budgets, policies, and infrastructures in their organisations?

Our research finds that IT decision makers are still struggling to be as strategic as they would like, but also identifies a new breed of IT purchasers in enterprises. What’s important to each group, and how can vendors talk to them?

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Report: Selling to enterprise IT departments

If you’re marketing technology solutions to enterprises, you’ll almost certainly be targeting decision makers within the IT department. Who are those decision makers as we go into 2017, and what is important to them?

Report: Selling beyond the IT department

IT related products and services are traditionally marketed to decision makers within the IT department. Should technology vendors be thinking about other areas of the business too?