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A surge in the popularity of smartphones and tablets has led to an increasing trend of Bring Your Own Devices (BYOD) in large UK businesses. In an age of hot-desking and flexible working, it seems that BYOD could be the answer to creating a more e­fficient, and a more satis€fied, workforce. But with more freedom comes greater responsibility. The security risks to businesses of BYOD cannot be ignored. We surveyed 100 UK businesses with minimum of 500 employees (50 with 500-3000 employees and 50 with 3000+ employees), to €find out just how prevalent BYOD has actually become – and to see what the driving force behind the new trend is. We then surveyed 200 US businesses (100 with 500-3000 employees and 100 with 3000+ employees) to provide a geographical comparison.

Report: Is BYOD changing the way we work?

Report: UK vs US differences