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Are IT decision makers good at security?

By Ben Daubney | | Insights

Our panel of IT decision makers reveal how they manage security in their organisation day-to-day

What’s happening to IT departments in 2018?

By Ben Daubney | | Insights

IT spend often isn't entirely in the hands of the IT department. Our State of IT research looks at how this is changing, and why that might be. Here we take a look at what's been happening in the UK since the release of our main research piece in September

What does 2018 hold?

By Ben Daubney | | Insights

As we go into the new year, what has Vanson Bourne learned over the past twelve months? And what does this mean for tech marketers?

Insights - November 2017

By Simon Crawley | | Insights

Enterprise IT changes quickly, and the re-run of our State of IT research reveals a lot about the current IT and digital landscape. Before conducting the research again, what changes did we make to the survey, and why?

Insights - October 2017

By Ben Daubney | | Insights

Technology marketers want to make sure their content is not only compelling but is seen and absorbed by their audience. Should they be trying to get headlines, or should they be trying to make content that their audience will share?