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Company news - December 2017

By El Cook | | Company news

2018 is just around the corner, but we're not counting down to Christmas just yet. There's still so much research to be done!


Company news - November 2017

By El Cook | | Company news

It’s been a marathon month, quite literally. We’ve rowed two marathons, welcomed new starters, and are getting ready to release our annual State of enterprise IT report

Fundraising update

By Simon Crawley | | Company news

Team VB joined together to row a total of 84km for charity

Company news - October 2017

By Jason Day | | Company news

Three-quarters of the way through 2017 already, we’ve got our sights firmly set on finishing the year on a high. We’re keeping (very!) busy, and that’s the way we like it

A note about our colleague Hannah Dutton

By Vanson Bourne | | Company news

A note about our colleague and friend Hannah Dutton