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New research projects - December 2017

By El Cook | |

IoT, digital transformation, customer experience and more. The latest releases of our research for clients

Company news - December 2017

By El Cook | |

2018 is just around the corner, but we're not counting down to Christmas just yet. There's still so much research to be done!


Client research in the news - November 2017

By El Cook | |

Compelling content from reliable, robust research equals headlines. It’s simple.

Insights - November 2017

By Simon Crawley | |

Enterprise IT changes quickly, and the re-run of our State of IT research reveals a lot about the current IT and digital landscape. Before conducting the research again, what changes did we make to the survey, and why?

New research projects - November 2017

By El Cook | |

DevOps, cloud, downtime, IoT security, and customer experience personalisation. There’s a lot of fascinating research to shout about again this month