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Tech complexity is driving an openness to outsourcing

28 Jul 2022

Having played the role of first responders when offices initially shut down, the IT department has been juggling challenges ever since and our latest research identifies three prevalent areas impacting their agenda going forward: workload struggles, technological complexity and skills shortages. Across this three-part series about people issues in IT, we delve deeper into the impacts these challenges have on the wider organisation.

In this article, we explore how organisations are turning to outsourcing to support them during times of growth, uncertainty, and where the scale and complexity of available technology solutions is becoming increasingly challenging.

With the process of hiring additional staff or developing new tools in-house bringing it’s own risks, for many the answer lies in outsourcing certain IT functions that may be lacking in current teams - a third of IT departments intend to increase outsourcing over the next year?

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Tech complexity

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