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How senior IT leaders are approaching the B2B path to purchase

09 Dec 2022

Let’s be under no illusion, the journey down the path-to-purchase (P2P) is often an arduous one for vendors, with obstacles to overcome, hoops to jump through and relationships to nurture. It is though a necessary part of business life and the ability to navigate the P2P successfully is fundamental to sales growth and commercial success.

For more than 20 years, Vanson Bourne has been providing clients with deep insights into the B2B technology space. Recognising that the information technology needs and procurement processes of many enterprise and governmental organisations have been impacted in a significant way by a series of big events – COVID lockdown, hybrid working, disrupted markets, high inflation and an uncertain economic outlook – we determined to interview a number of senior IT decision makers across the UK to better understand how the P2P currently works at their organisations.

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The path-to-purchase in B2B tech

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