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New research projects - July 2017

By El Cook |
New research projects - July 2017

It’s always exciting to see research we’ve been involved in get released. Over the past month we’ve seen lots of fantastic pieces of content, including Inmarsat’s microsite, Barracuda’s video, and SnapLogic’s infographic, all featured below!

Inmarsat – The Future of IoT in Enterprise

Providing mobile satellite communications, Inmarsat has been powering global connectivity for nearly four decades.

In May 2017, they commissioned Vanson Bourne to conduct research to find out about use of, attitudes to, and predictions for IoT. Vanson Bourne conducted 500 interviews with those involved in decision-making, influencing, or executional responsibilities for IoT initiatives within their organisation.

Inmarsat used the research data to create a microsite to showcase the findings. One of the key stats from the research is that 97% of respondents are experiencing, or expect to experience, significant benefits from the deployment of IoT technologies.

The microsite can be found here.

Barracuda – Unlocking the Benefits of Public Cloud

Recently, we were tasked with interviewing 1,300 decision makers with knowledge of and responsibility for cloud infrastructure within their organisation.

Barracuda, an IT services and solutions provider, wanted to carry out research to investigate the usage, benefits, challenges, and security trends that organisations are experiencing around the public cloud.

The research finds that 91% of respondents have concerns over their use of public cloud, with 54% stating that cyberattacks are their chief concern.

Barracuda created a video with more findings from the research:

SnapLogic - The High Cost of Disconnected Data

How data is managed, and the impact of this on an organisation was something SnapLogic wanted to explore in this piece of research.

SnapLogic is a provider of self-service integration of applications, data, and devices. They asked Vanson Bourne to interview IT decision makers and business users of cloud-based or externally hosted applications, to find out how well data is being managed and if organisations think they have the ability to fully harness it.

Among other findings, the research shows that nearly half believe disconnected data negatively impacts their organisation’s ability to innovate, develop new products and services, and meet customer expectations.

For more detail on the research, have a look at SnapLogic’s infographic.

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