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How external threats and internal issues are complicating cybersecurity

20 Sep 2022

External threats to the IT security of organisations are pervasive, persistent, and proliferating, while internal issues further complicate the situation.

The world of IT security can be a thankless environment to work in – as evidenced by the Chartered Institute of Information Security’s 2020/21 State of the Profession report, which found that 51% of cybersecurity professionals are kept up at night by the stress of the job and work challenges. Broadly speaking these work challenges can be grouped into two categories – internal difficulties, such as (sometimes) careless employees and an ever-increasing stack of tools to manage, and external difficulties like the ever-evolving threat landscape and the increasingly persistent threat actors who deploy these attacks.

Throughout the year, our six-part Productivity series takes an in-depth look inside the IT department at the trends and topics they face. In this second part, we focus in on cybersecurity across three articles - firstly we will primarily focus upon the external dangers.

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