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06 Sep 2019

Summer security failings

If you’re a marketer at a security company, do you offer any support to your customers over the summer? Our research with 100 IT decision makers finds that organisations are at a higher risk of security issues during July, August and September. And, when IT staff leave for their holidays, they aren’t confident that they’re leaving the organisation protected enough.

Why survey questions are so important

One of the reasons clients work with us is so that they can create compelling data-lead content for their marketing campaigns. A big part of getting powerful and reliable data is careful planning and preparation for a research project. And arguably, the most important step in the process is designing the questionnaire

It’s important to consider what questions to ask because they form the backbone of any successful research project. Because of this it’s always a good idea to take the time to make sure they’re just right. We work hard to collaborate with our clients and understand their research aims and objectives so that we can craft a survey that meets their needs and is fair to the respondents taking part

We’re always thrilled to see the insight that comes from those questions brought to life through our clients’ content

Let’s look at some recent work:

  • We worked with Thales to create a questionnaire on access management and security. They’ve since created a microsite to showcase the research findings
  • Skillsoft wanted to find out about digital skills in the workplace, so we worked with them to write questions about learning and development opportunities in organisations
  • We collaborated with CyberArk to examine how organisations engage with cybersecurity as they transition to true digital businesses

Data-only services

Earlier this year we developed a light-touch, scalable data-only service perfect for clients happy to analyse their own research results

View our new fact sheet to find out more about the service and how it could work for you:

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