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Company news - June 2019

06 Jun 2019

Five stand-out headlines

We find stories in data that form the backbone of our clients' campaign content. A great story makes for great headlines, and there are plenty of attention-grabbing titles based on our work with clients this month. Here are just a few examples:

It's always interesting to see the different ways publications interpret each campaign and its research data, but a key reason why seeing articles like this is important is because we know it's a sign of a successful campaign for our clients.

Testing assumptions on cybersecurity

Infosecurity Europe (which a lot of us know as InfoSec) is one of the biggest security events of the year. Most of our clients will have exhibited at or visited London Olympia this week, many of them armed with research data to support their messaging. As the best in the industry are all in one place for a few days, it's a hub of knowledge sharing, product launches, and predictions for the future.

Ahead of this year's event Infosecurity Europe shared their view of the security landscape. They described a new era of cybersecurity with more complex risks and a pressure on IT teams to simplify. Do IT decision makers agree with their stance? We ran some research to find out.


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