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Company news - July 2019

05 Jul 2019

Our exclusive community of tech marketers

A few months ago, we set up an email community for tech marketers to share their opinions, better understand their peers, and get a bit of insider knowledge about their industry.

Members have told us about their frustrations on measuring metrics and proving ROI, their love of the variety and creativity in their role and much more. Everyone that takes part is enthusiastic and honest, taking care to provide lots of detail.

Contributing is quick and the insights are truly relevant to the group. The commmunity continues to grow, and all new members are very welcome. Sign up here to participate.

Research to support product marketing

A lot of our clients use our research for content marketing, including to support product launches.

This month, Veritas published a press release announcing a new platform which unifies an updated set of their services. Our data was used to show the reasons for and benefits of the updates Veritas had made. A clever and powerful way to prove the worth of a product.

Taking a slightly different approach, Avaya wrote about our research data in a blog about AI. The content positioned Avaya as a thought-leader and revealed that they would be attending Customer Contact Week to showcase new AI-based products and services. It’s a really nice way to build intrigue around new offerings ahead of time.

Using research data in this way helps to prove use cases for products and services and allows marketers to tailor messaging to specific needs in the market. It adds a personal touch to a side of marketing that can seem jargon heavy and self-serving.

To find out more about research for product marketing, drop us a line.

Will GDPR compliance ever be easy?

It would be easy to think that organisations have the right processes and products in place to ensure GDPR compliance by now. But more than a year on nearly half of IT decision makers say their organisation is at high risk of a breach that causes a compliance violation.

For tech marketers, this could be an opportunity to showcase the benefits of new products and services to prospects. It could also mean that your customers might need some reassurance that the package they are using can be trusted and is as user-friendly as possible.

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