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Company news - August 2019

09 Aug 2019

How many interviews do you really need?

When we talk to clients about new research projects, one of the questions we get asked most is how many responses will result in trustworthy and robust data. It's a complex question to answer as there are a lot of factors at play. Sometimes asking 100 people is enough and other times 1,000 will be more realistic. It really all depends on the audience you are researching.

Every time we look at a new project, there are a few key things we consider before recommending a number to interview. We've made a video with Jimmy, one of our research consultants, to explain our approach:

If you are ever unsure about how many completions you should be aiming for, get in touch for some advice. We are happy to help

Hitting the headlines

One of the reasons our clients decide to run research is to get attention in the press. Over the past few months we've seen our research in Computer Weekly, Forbes, The Telegraph, Politico, ZDNet, and IT Pro Portal, to name a few

These types of publications are key for our clients as being featured in them is often an important indicator of their campaign success. To see more headlines from our work for clients, head to our client research database

How can marketers attract IT buyers?

To better understand the technology buying journey, we asked 100 IT decision makers about their purchasing experiences. We've learnt what kind of messaging and product information is most useful to IT buyers when thinking about a new product or service, and things IT vendors have done to irritate a buyer and drive a sale away.

New brand identity

We've been in business for twenty years this September. As we continue to grow as a business we have created a new brand that can grow with us. There will be more news to come as we near the official launch, but watch out for a few teasers in the meantime. There might be a hint of our future style in Jimmy's new video

If you want to find out more ahead of the launch, feel free to ask

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