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Client research in the news - September 2017

By El Cook |
Client research in the news - September 2017

The research we conduct for our clients generates lots of headlines. We really like to see how our research is interpreted and the kind of content clients create from it. Hopefully you do, too.


Having worked together on successful projects in the past, WatchGuard asked us to run some GDPR based research before the deadline for compliance comes into force next year. Their report, which was released just over a week ago highlights that many do not know if they need to be compliant with the new regulation. The research data has made it into Security News Desk, Help Net Security, MSSP Alert, Information Management, and Tech Central.


Lean back or lean forward? That’s the question Brightcove had on their minds during this research, and the results are already drawing attention:


If you’ve ever wondered what the future of IoT might look like in industries such as agriculture and mining, have a read through these articles highlighting the findings of our project with Inmarsat.

And some more, just for fun. Happy reading!

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