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Client research in the news - March 2017

By El Cook |
Client research in the news - March 2017

A wide variety of news stories based on research we’ve worked on for clients have been published since our last post, ranging from research on digital transformation and the Internet of Things (IoT) to consumer research on video experiences and social media.


Some research we ran for Jamf on the use of mobile devices in healthcare is still getting attention, with News Medical being the latest publication to mention this project.


This Veritas piece of research, which was first released in March 2016, focuses on data management and security.


Released in June last year, this project got a lot of press attention. The research, on the topic of internet connected household products and mobile device usage habits, interviewed 8,000 consumers across the globe. The latest article that mentions it includes a link to the LogMeIn whitepaper.


It was great to see this Mimecast project get two headlines in Forbes. The research investigates cybersecurity, and has received quite a few headlines so far.

As is the case every month, there are many more articles that mention research we’ve conducted for clients. Here’s some other headlines from the past four weeks.

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