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What the tech? Response to COVID. Episode 1: Adapters

25 Nov 2020

For most organisations, COVID-19 has changed everything. Their readiness for disruption and ability to adapt has been tested to the limit.

Most organisations find themselves in one of four stages (Adapting, Optimising, Formalising, Strategizing).

This is the first episode in a 4-part series where we take a closer look at the respondents within each phase.

This video focuses on those organisations within the Adapting phase - those with a primary focus still on resolving remote working issues and maintaining business as usual operations in the short term.

Watch our animated video to understand how Technology vendors can support those Adapter organisations through to the next phase of optimisation.

Vanson Bourne interviewed 300 IT decision makers in the US and UK in August 2020. All from private sector organisations with 1,000 or more employees.

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