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Company news - March 2019

By El Cook | |

A brand-new research service, a visit from marketing pros at Sophos, and an update on the many new campaigns created based on our market research

Company news - December 2018

By Ben Daubney | |

This month we've released insights about how enterprise IT is changing, seen almost a dozen client projects get press attention, and created a Christmas quiz that found some eyebrow-raising stats about gravy

Company news - November 2018

By Ben Daubney | |

We think this might be a record-breaking month. Ten new research projects published, a couple of appearances at client events, and we've still had time to bake for charity.

Company news - October 2018

By El Cook | |

The coat stands are full and the days are drawing in. It’s definitely October.

Company news - September 2018

By Ben Daubney | |

Summer's over. Back to work, everyone. Read up on the 100+ headlines based on our research you might have missed while on holiday, the massive projects we've been working on, and getting started with personas