Latest research in the news

Client research in the news - June 2017

By Ben Daubney | |
Some of the press attention that clients like Barco, iPass, and the Cloud Industry Forum have enjoyed over the past month by using our research

New research projects - June 2017

By Jason Day | |

The Infosecurity Europe exhibition was held in London this week, and this month marks a year until the GDPR deadline. We’re always working on research projects, but significant events and deadlines such as these always prompt clients to release research-based content

Company news - June 2017

By Kevin Withnall | |

An update which covers how we’re improving our services to our clients, our newest recruits, and the wide range of GDPR research we’ve recently performed

Client research in the news - May 2017

By El Cook | |

GDPR, security breaches and digital transformation. See the headlines our research has helped to achieve over the past four weeks

New research projects - May 2017

By El Cook | |

Clients that have released content based on our research