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Insights - August 2017

By Chloe Byrne | | Insights

We're making improvements to our customer satisfaction survey. See what changes we've made and whether they could help you to improve your own customer satisfaction project.

Insights - July 2017

By Sarah Thorp | | Insights

Market research isn’t easy, but we make it as simple as possible for clients with our process for running projects. Here are a few key pitfalls for you to look out for next time you’re considering doing some research

Insights - June 2017

By Simon Crawley | | Insights

Exploring the many different ways market research data can be used to enrich marketing and communications campaigns

Insights - May 2017

By Kelsey Parish | | Insights

Our research data shows that enterprise’s use of remote working and investigation of machine learning is increasing. Why is this, and how is it different in the UK compared to the US?

Insights - April 2017

By Chloe Byrne | | Insights

Customer satisfaction projects aren't always easy. We see the four same mistakes being made time and time again. Chloe talks about those problems and why they can cause results to be leading or false

Insights - March 2017

By John Mackay | | Insights

John Mackay, one of our Project Managers, tells us about his travels around Australia and New Zealand, where he presented research results for a project we worked on with Sitecore

Insights - February 2017

By Callum Budd | | Insights

Callum Budd, one of our Project Managers, talks about the Internet of Things. Learn about his views and predictions in regards to IoT, and how the research we've performed for our clients has informed this

Insights - February 2016

By Chloe Byrne | | Insights

We’ve just released our Technology Marketing Monitor results, some compelling research we performed with 126 marketers in technology companies at the very end of 2015. What do the results show?

Insights - June 2015

By Jimmy Mortimer | | Insights

We've just launched some new research about big data. What do the findings show?

Insights - July 2014

By Kevin Withnall | | Insights

We've just released our latest research about BYOD. Does it show if the UK is leading the way or lagging behind the US, and why?