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Company news - August 2017

By El Cook | | Company news

A bit about professional development, the types of people we can interview, and our most recent case study

Company news - July 2017

By Ben Daubney | | Company news

Some tips on how to do customer satisfaction research well, notes on some recent client experience, and pictures of cakes

Company news - June 2017

By Kevin Withnall | | Company news

An update which covers how we’re improving our services to our clients, our newest recruits, and the wide range of GDPR research we’ve recently performed

Company news - May 2017

By El Cook | | Company news

It's already May. Where does the time go? We've done a lot since the start of the year: getting representation in the US, launching a new website, and doing a fair amount of market research too!

Company news - April 2017

By Jo Weeks | | Company news

Now that the clocks have gone back and the days are getting slightly longer, the team are performing more research projects than ever. There’s a lot which will get publicly released over the next few months, but we’ve been working on plenty of other things too.

Company news - March 2017

By Ben Daubney | | Company news

We have news about our work in the US, presenting our research on behalf of our clients, how we’re developing our panel of IT respondents, and more

Company news - February 2017

By Ben Daubney | | Company news

What's the latest news from the team?